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Whether we like it or not, we have to accept we have been in this space before. The only reason we compare is because we like how someone else’s life looks, more than how our lives feel.

Jobs, relationships, travel, house… the list is long. All comparison does is makes us go into a deep burrow of loneliness and we think when we have it better that burrow will be nicely lit up.

It won’t. It never well.

Understanding the difference between how something ‘looks’ to how something ‘feels’ is what we need to learn.

Society has done a fabulous…

My favourite problems are the ones where there are absolutely zero solutions in sight. As in: you are freakin stuck.

The heart is shrivelled and the brain is dead. You are stressed, hopeless and thinking what the hell is going on and what are you going to do. In these moments I love what transpires.

I distance myself from this hopeless mess and sit still for a while. In these dark moments we can uncover our true inner power, if we choose to. What I mean is asking ourselves this:

“Now that I have been tosses in this disastrous moment…

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All my conversations last few weeks with friends who are working from home right now amidst this pandemic has been very vulnerable. One sentence has emerged very strongly “I’m working more than usual.”

I myself believe that we must take time out to rest and replenish ourselves. I realise that for most of us, there is a deep sense of guilt when we want to carve out solo time for ourselves. During such surreal times, resting seems like a far off possibility for so many of us.

If this is you, I wish I could make a sacred space for…

Surreal times. While this world is grappling with sickness, anxiety and panic this image is a gentle reminder of the hope and light that is ahead of this darkness.

The mind is flooded with so many questions. When will I be able to move out again in the wide open world? Are my loved ones safe? What are my feelings telling me? Why is grief and loneliness enveloping me?

Every mind is racing with these thoughts, as the whole of humanity is fighting an enemy that we cannot see. …

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The bigger question is who are you trying to prove it to?

Instead of focusing on your own needs, feelings and emotions, so many of us are making life choices and changing our behaviour trying to earn an excellence certificate to be a certain kind of person. Parents, peers, colleagues or family. Some of us are carefully calibrating who we are and searching those faces and silently saying to ourselves — Am I smart? Am I beautiful? Am I Enough? So exhausting!!

While doing this, all we are doing is distancing ourselves from our true nature. We do not find…

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We spend so much time on this gigantic rock of Earth trying to avoid problems.

“How do I avoid getting hurt?”

“How do I avoid failures?”

“How can I guarantee I’m not disappointed?”

Well stab in the heart truth is, you just CANNNN’T.

Emotional atyachaar ain’t going anywhere.

Even on our best days we will end up doing something ridiculous. Just today, I tripped over a cat staring at my phone trying to look at an excel sheet (yes I’m a genius that way). I had to laugh. …


When I read this question for the first time I went silent for a couple of minutes. A question like I had ever asked anyone. We believe that sharing our worries, frustrations, and stories of trauma and conflict is the way to build intimate relationships. And when we vent we truly feel so much more lighter isn't it? But do we really think that sometimes one person may end up feeling overwhelmed when we share our stories.

I had a thought, what if we asked…

I have grappled with the words ‘move on’ so much that it made me want to cringe every time I heard it. I was waking up each day convincing myself that I had to feel good, positive and rush to to the next best thing.

It all failed and I fell on my knees with exhaustion. The bruises is where my learning began about healing.

Journaling paved the way for me. And one thing I can now truly say is, that healing takes time. It is liking waking up each day and fighting all your emotions and feelings which…

By travel I do not mean the shorthand of what passes as an industry of major sights, shopping and food. Where we are busy taking selfies and capturing images to prove that we have landed on that famous piece of land like everyone else.

I am referring to the moments that cannot be captured by a camera. Moments that occupy a forever space in our memories and hearts. The smile of a local passerby on the street, the blossoms that charm us, the coffee served with a warm hello; as if all of this is something new.

Colour of the…

For many years, I had seen photos of this stunning yellow wall captured by endless photographers who visited Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry) — a small French town situated in South India in the state of Tamil Nadu. Yellow wall with graffiti, beautiful doors, flower arches, just seemed so inviting. So, it was time to go in search of it.

Three hours from the city of Chennai, the road to Puducherry is nothing but exquisite. Known as the famous East Coast Road, the drive along the coast with wind in my hair felt like a movie scene. …

Tasneem Bhavnagarwala

Chronic Writer | Tripper | Ever Evolving Self-Healer | Shutterbug. Insta Handle @bornwanderlust

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