Let’s show up for each other!

Tasneem Bhavnagarwala
2 min readApr 6, 2020


Surreal times. While this world is grappling with sickness, anxiety and panic this image is a gentle reminder of the hope and light that is ahead of this darkness.

The mind is flooded with so many questions. When will I be able to move out again in the wide open world? Are my loved ones safe? What are my feelings telling me? Why is grief and loneliness enveloping me?

Every mind is racing with these thoughts, as the whole of humanity is fighting an enemy that we cannot see. But I see hope from the same community, showing up for each other during these tough times.

Collective grief heals.

Sharing and connecting and being witnessed in our vulnerabilities and our common struggles is going to be a significant part of our healing journey, as we move forward together in our fight against COVID-19. Deep breaths, compassion and love for each other is the need. This is a time, when it’s not about just ‘me’ being well but ensuring as a society we are all doing well.

But something we need to remind ourselves!
- Do not think even for a moment that we have to package ourselves in some perfect image to show up for each other.
- Let true selves and honest hearts touch the raw and honest hearts of others.

We need everyone in their imperfectly perfect selves. We need a community that is brave enough to share the beautiful and full range of their humanity.

The world is seeing a different kind of connectedness in this time of chaos. And now is when we realise… we are all we have!



Tasneem Bhavnagarwala

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