Unconventional ways to explore Toronto!

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world along with being the youngest. Emerging as a city of many facets, Toronto is making its mark on the world map as one of the most welcoming. In the plethora of places to explore in Toronto, it would be tough to pick something that is unique.

The further you move into a city, the more raw experiences you will have. Keeping that spirit in mind, below is a list, to make your visit to Toronto less touristy and more meaningful.

1) Spend a day at the McMicheal Art Collection

When Robert and Signe McMicheal built their modernist retreat in 1952 on a ten acre land in Klienburg Ontario, little did they know that it would grow into one of Toronto’s significant art houses. The couples passion for art collection bloomed into the current art house that boasts of 6,000 artworks.

The building rests among a dense forest and welcomes you with great warmth. The McMicheal is renowned for exclusively collecting and preserving Canadian art and featuring exhibitions by the Group of Seven, Inuit, First Nations, Metis and contemporary artists. What adds to the charm is the wilderness around the property. The 100 acres of forests, valleys and beautiful hiking trails help you connect with nature and breathe in the serene experience of art. Bring your outdoor shoes, your sketchbook and your appetite for adventure to experience the world of McMichael.

2) Volunteer with Myseum of Toronto

While every city has its tourist attractions, one of the best way to explore it; is through volunteering. It’s a learning and rewarding experience like no other. You get to step out of your comfort zone and view the city through the eyes of its people.

Myseum of Toronto is a non-profit that provides the public with meaningful and engaging experiences with year-long programming that are part of the Toronto’s narrative. Myseum offers events where one can connect with the city on a deeper level. Volunteering would be a great way to know the people closely — about their culture, traditions, and heritage. Friendly welcomes, great briefings, trial runs and transport taken care of; our some of the highlights of volunteering with Myseum. It is an exchange not just of culture but also of collective human spirit.

So on your next visit to Toronto, volunteer and make new friends.

3) Sip a cuppa at Fahrenheit Cafe

In Toronto’s biting cold a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee would soothe the soul. Toronto’s downtown is sprinkled with many coffee shops with great facades that invite you in. Hidden in 120 Lombard Street is Fahrenheit Coffee. No fancy decor, just a few stools, ever smiling and chatty staff and some amazing brews is what makes this coffee shop worth a visit. For the coffee lovers they offer three different espresso origins roasted seasonally and their hot chocolate is creamy and soothing.

Take a book, journal, work or strike up a conversation with the staff, your experience at Fahrenheit Coffee will surely be something to cherish long after you have left the city.

4) Take programmes at High Park Nature Centre

A municipal park in Toronto spreading across 400 acres of land High Park is a nature’s paradise. Known for its cherry blossoms High Park holds within in it many secrets. To unravel those take one of the many programmes offered by High Park Nature Centre.

Situated amidst the magnificent park, it is a charitable organisation established in 1999, to promote awareness and respect for nature. You can explore High Park’s unique ecology through ravine walks, family nature walks, field trips, camping, workshops for adults and children and much more.

It is a great way to know the history of Toronto’s surroundings and meet individuals who are passionate about conservation just like you. If you are a nature lover, indulge in one their programmes and reconnect with mother nature in all its glory!

5) Doors Open Toronto

If you are in Toronto during the month of May, then welcome yourself to the city’s most prominent event called Doors Open Toronto. This offers an opportunity for everyone to see inside more than 150 of the most architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city.

It has almost 700 unique locations and for a traveller this is a treasure trove. Libraries, cinema, food markets, museums, universities and the list goes on. Doors Open is an excellent opportunity for every traveller to walk inside Toronto’s heritage. And you get to explore Toronto in a way which no guide book will offer.

Doors Open Website:

Arm yourself with this list of unusual things to do in Toronto and make the most of all that this wonderful city has to offer.

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