Welcome the shit storms of life!

Tasneem Bhavnagarwala
2 min readFeb 26, 2020
Image By: Natasha Sim (Behance)

We spend so much time on this gigantic rock of Earth trying to avoid problems.

“How do I avoid getting hurt?”

“How do I avoid failures?”

“How can I guarantee I’m not disappointed?”

Well stab in the heart truth is, you just CANNNN’T.

Emotional atyachaar ain’t going anywhere.

Even on our best days we will end up doing something ridiculous. Just today, I tripped over a cat staring at my phone trying to look at an excel sheet (yes I’m a genius that way). I had to laugh. Maybe if this happened a few months back I would be livid with myself.

Life is messy in big and small ways. All this chaos of shame, anxiety, heartbreaks, stress, pain will chase us. It’s best to just welcome these nasty guests and show them who we are… Resilient hosts!

What if we commit to evolving through this and ask ourselves..

What am I learning through this?
What opportunity is this situation presenting?

I know these questions can be preachy, teachy and Oprah-fied to the best, but trust me they work. I have found no other way to work through this Shit Storm apart from raining my hands and doing some great dance moves with it.

We just have to decide to commit to learning and trust that all this drama is making us better. No one said we have to be expert drivers and love the journey all the way. For me… I feel life gets a little better when I just go with the road and grow along the way.



Tasneem Bhavnagarwala

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